Our Story

We are passionate about participating in solving the 21stcentury energy challenge and we love technology

We Deliver Expertise For Your Business

The founders of Greenshift have more than 15 years of experience producing big brand websites in Internet agencies. The production chain in such agencies traditionally consists of customer relationship, design and technology.

Some technical knowledge is important for agencies but only the largest agencies can cover a vast range of technology: from local file servers with off-site backup to public facing infrastructure hosting; server operating systems including security, server application databases and packaged solutions for tasks such as web content management.

Greenshift was founded in 2010 to provide expertise to its customers who need technology, but do not want to build the full range of technology expertise internally.

The Founders

Both co-founders have a technology background and have been involved with network and information technology since the very beginning of the web.

Alex is from Australia where he studied Software Engineering and Science at the University of Melbourne. He spent 4 years as a UNIX and Windows system administrator for Melbourne IVF. He also operated a small IT consulting business installing WAN’s and file servers for small and medium enterprise.

When he moved to Paris, he started working for Duke/Razorfish, where he spent some 10 years setting up and maintaining the hosting platform for the agency’s clients. The entire platform including development, pre-production and production servers grew to more than 50 servers.

Alex’s first memories of the Internet are Netscape Navigator 1 running on Sun OS 5.4 and running PPP over Slirp from his university account to access the Internet.

Alex Sanderson, Managing Director

Arne grew up in Germany where he studied Physics. After his PhD he undertook several years of fundamental research.

He “discovered” the web with NCSA Mosaic in 1993 and was fascinated from the very beginning because of its potential in international communication. With programming skills acquired during his education, he decided, after his last year of research in Paris, to build websites.

Arne has over 14 years as a professional in internet technology and 10 years as co-founder and head of technology at Duke/Razorfish. As part of his job he set up hosting service for the agency’s clients, acquiring a thorough understanding of the needs of clients in this field.


Arne de Meijere, President