There is a hosting option for every requirement

Hosting Comparison

We have 3 main options, one of which should fit your needs
Shared Web Space
Dedicated VM
Dedicated hardware
Max. Available Disk Space 50Gb 80Gb 120Gb
Max. Available Bandwidth 500Gb 10Tb Unlimited
Security Management No Optional Optional
Site Monitoring No Optional Optional
Dedicated IP No Yes Yes
Backups No Optional Optional
Price From 5€ From 30€ From 250€
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Our Hosting Features

We offer the following features for our shared and dedicated solutions

Carbon Neutral

Our datacenter is certified carbon neutral and our servers are built to minimise energy consuption.

Enhanced Security

We offer security maintenance for all VPS servers so that our customers dont have to worry.

Best performance

We offer performance monitoring so that you dont get alerted by your visitors when your site is slow.

Best Support

We are always here to answer your hosting questions.